I would like to inform you about what is, and has been happening in Red Mountain. I would also like to speak with all of you in person, or on the telephone. Enjoy life! From the old paperwork of the Red Mountain Council, which I have gathered, I see that many of you were involved with it in the past, and you cared about it. Now it is on me, and I too care.

We are on the edge of big change. By September 2017, we will be getting high speed Broadband thru aerial fiber, to our houses by law. It will change and improve our public safety, and the demographic. This will give our little community the opportunity to make the improvements it has needed for the last 30 or 40 years. It may begin to achieve its possible potential as a contributing community. I have gathered as much information as I can on the Red Mountain Council and the Senior Center. The information was divided and hoarded and hidden. Last summer and fall, Charlotte C. and Bea W. left it all in a mess. Probably due in large part, to their deteriorating health and welfare, especially over the the last five years of their lives. They were the last two of the five of its last Officers since 2007. I guess people in the community drew back from them, and the organization withered away. When the Secretary of State finally noticed that they hadn’t paid and renewed the 501c3 non profit status of the Red Mountain Council, it was revoked in 2011. I don’t believe anyone else was informed of this, until very recently.

To add to this, the Red Mountain Council lost its non-profit status, probably also due to not being filed or fees paid. The Federal non-profit status was revoked on 13 June 2011. The Ca. State non-profit status was revoked on 19 Sept 2013. Back then, there were numerous opportunities to revive these. Who knew.

Steve and Debbie Jones were elected as officers by the last known remaining, living Red Mountain Council officers early last year.

Steve and Debbie have done selfless and heroic and excellent work, and on their own initiative, cost and time, to revive and reinstate back to the original status before 2011, both the Federal and State non—profit status'. They also upgraded and modernized the non-profit articles of incorporation, and Bylaws. "The Federal and State non-profit status has been restored to the non—profit organization, Red Mountain Council. The officers worked hard to get this accomplished, and have letters stating that the non—profit organization is once again a viable and functional entity." We Owe them, and we Thank them. This status is implicit in raising the tax exempt donations necessary to prevent loosing our Senior Center to SBCotax sale. 'Last year, Steve and Debbie Jones, relatively new to this area from Johannesburg, tried to gather interest and support from the “people" here, thru several ad hoc meetings. Most of those Red Mountain “people" were offended and mad. I was kinda offended myself. i did not know many of the proceeding details. It was and is,my feeling that both our Fire Station and Community Senior Center, although deeded in the name of the Red Mountain Council, belong to the 96 tax paying property owners of Red Mountain. Few of which were at the meetings. In October, I stood out to the Rand Communities Water District board, against any transfer of these properties to the water district. But I wanted to work with Steve and Debbie.

Early this year, Steve and Debbie realized that they could not deal with or solve the problems here. It was hard on them both emotionally and physically. So in February, they circulated a notice to the Red Mountain residents for someone else to continue their work. Few, if any, came forward, except me.

I put together myself, and Dan and Arlene Stanton. We had a meeting with Steve and Debbie and Erma Maw. l became the Chairman of the Red Mountain Council, Dan Secretary, Arlene Treasurer, and Erma Maw Director.

Dan and Arlene have owned the "Owl" Cafe for 3 years, and outfitted it on weekends as a Museum and Ode to the mining and history of Red Mountain and the Rand Mining District. Dan also transferred his business, "Mr.Security", up here to the "Owl" from Whittier Ca. He sells spy equipment, cameras, security equipment,and mining supplies. He is a dealer for Keene Mining equipment and others. As of last month, Dan and Arlene now live and work here full time. i encourage everyone to see the “ new" Owl Cafe and visit with them.

Dan is street smart, and has security expertise. We think alike about public safety and security, and we want to improve them. We have much in common in our attitude towards this community. Dan and Arlene are the type of "new" demographic this community needs. I feel the same way about Steve and Debbie Jones.

As we met in the change-of—officers meeting, l began to see the basic issues of the situation, and all the good work Steve and Debbie had done. They have nothing but good in their hearts. We owe them the fees and costs involved in their work so far, which they incurred to revive and reinstate the Red Mountain Council as available and functioning entity. I am honored to have their continued support.