In 2011, on 29 June at 12:45 AM, (SBCo Fire Report #2011-1133697), there was a small fire in the Red Mountain Community Senior Center, which I discovered late that night, in its incipient stage. After the fire, the SBCo Prevention Officer/Arson investigator and I investigated all night. We had a fair amount of indication, but little evidence to prove arson, so he deemed the cause to be 'suspicious'. I was the first person to get to the building just before SBCo Fire and Kern Co Fire extinguished the smouldering fire. The front door was unlocked. This was very suspicious but I did not enter. There was mostly in tenor smoke damage. There was no structural or utility damage. The structure is sound. The floor is very slightly damaged. Since then much local voluntary effort has been invested to remove the contents, to do some minor sheetrock repair, and now the empty interior is ready to be inspected and painted before the new use permit. There is no aroma of smoke. The exterior is undamaged. The building has been cleared. Recently, someone broke a window and opened the rear door. I fixed the open window, temporarily. A police report was taken. I hold the keys to the building and inspect it every day or two to prevent any further vandalism. I will show it to anyone who is interested. Other security measures have been taken. They’ get the message. Someone does care.

Do to the fire in 2011, the building could not support its 'exempt purposes’ with its ongoing community benefit activities; and/or because the non-profit tax exemption was not filed after 2010, the SBCo Tax Assessor re-assessed the building from its no-tax exemption to a normal-use property tax. The rehabilitation effort does not qualify for ’exempt purposes’ and the building was not rehabilitated in time to avoid this. The Assessor is required to do this by Article 13 of the California Constitution. This tax has accumulated over the last five years, to a sum of around $10,000. In other words, our building lost its exemption, and was assessed its 'normal' tax. It becomes eligible for County Tax Sale on 1 July 2017. . The San Bernardino County Assessor Parcel number of our building is 0503-371-330000

Prompt action is necessary. Please let us know if you can help.

Red Mountain Community Center