Red Mountain Council

The Red Mountain Council is a 501c3 non-profit corporation of  1 June 1979 in the small, century old mining community of Red Mountain California, within the historic Rand Mining District. This District is in the Western Mojave Desert, centered around the four townships of Atolia, Johannesburg, Randsburg, and Red Mountain. Atolia and Red Mountain being within San Bernardino County, and Johannesburg and Randsburg being within Kern County.

Red Mountain has about one hundred Deeded Real Properties, and Johannesburg and Randsburg about the same. All have the renowned distinction of being "Old West Mining Towns." In this century, area mining has decreased, and many different forms of recreation, have increased.

The Council supports, develops, and encourages visitors, good citizens, local community fellowships and educational programs along with grants and non-profit donations. The Red Mountain Council 501c3 has been revised as recently 16 Nov 2015.

Excerpt from Red Mountain Council Bylaws:
The specific purpose of the Corporation shall include without limitation, to promote the health, welfare and environment of the senior citizens and other residents of Red Mountain, California and the surrounding communities through fellowship and educational programs, and to develop, encourage and/or conduct programs to that end.

Five Council Members

President: Will Liebscher
VP: Dale Carlson
Treasurer: Tom Czbovic
Director: John Loncaric
Director: Open
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Local Red Mountain Council is a 501(c)(3) IRS/FTB Non Profit under IRS and California codes.  Anyone may make a tax deductible donation of any amount to the Red Mountain Council.  Owner of property in Red Mountain area should help keep the community from degrading.

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 Or, check donations can be mailed to the RMC adderess:

Attention RMC Chairperson
Red Mountain Council Inc.
PO Box 788
Red Mountain, CA 93558-0788

Please make your checks payable to "Red Mountain Council."

I would like to inform you about what is, and has been happening in Red Mountain. I would also like to speak with all of you in person, or on the telephone. Enjoy life! From the old paperwork of the Red Mountain Council, which I have gathered, I see that many of you were involved with it in the past, and you cared about it. Now it is on me, and I too care.

We are on the edge of big change. By September 2017, we will be getting high speed Broadband thru aerial fiber, to our houses by law. It will change and improve our public safety, and the demographic. This will give our little community the opportunity to make the improvements it has needed for the last 30 or 40 years. It may begin to achieve its possible potential as a contributing community. I have gathered as much information as I can on the Red Mountain Council and the Senior Center. The information was divided and hoarded and hidden. Last summer and fall, Charlotte C. and Bea W. left it all in a mess. Probably due in large part, to their deteriorating health and welfare, especially over the the last five years of their lives. They were the last two of the five of its last Officers since 2007. I guess people in the community drew back from them, and the organization withered away. When the Secretary of State finally noticed that they hadn’t paid and renewed the 501c3 non profit status of the Red Mountain Council, it was revoked in 2011. I don’t believe anyone else was informed of this, until very recently.